Thursday, January 22, 2015

Saying no

I heard something on Christian radio today.  "When you say no to something, you say yes to something else".  They were talking about saying no to things that are not good for us and how giving those things up allow us to replace those things with positive stuff.  For example, saying no to smoking allows you to say yes to better health and have options for the money that is saved.  It just clicked in my mind as I started thinking of the things that I'm not saying yes to.  It's common sense really, but it touched me in the way that I heard it.   Saying no to my addictions allows me to say yes to having the Holy Spirit, yes to confidence before God, yes to the blessings that I forfeit from disobedience.  Life is too hard already without the companionship of the Holy Ghost.


  1. Wow. What a great concept! I hadn't thought of it that way.
    Thank you!

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